Knots You Must Know

There are four knots for you to tie: the sheet bend, bowline, the trucker’s hitch, and the tautline hitch.  Each of these knots are tied for specific purposes and are used quite frequently during our camping trip (and in life following the trip – you will be amazed at how often you use these knots!).  Qualities of a good knot include: 1.) fitting a specific purpose, 2.) security when tied, and, 3.) ease of getting undone.  Many excellent knot tying websites with videos exist in hyperspace (Netknots is a good one) and even has apps for mobile devices. Learn to tie these knots and practice, practice, practice.

Sheetbend with quick release 
The sheet bend is a way to connect two pieces of rope or attaching a rope to an existing loop.  Place a quick release onto the knot and it easily comes undone.

The bowline is a secure knot used when you join a rope to an object or to create a loop at the end of a line.

Trucker's Hitch
The trucker’s hitch is used to tightly secure a load, say to put tension on a rain tarp.  It is a rope version of a block and tackle and a most essential knot to know.

Tautline Hitch
The tautline hitch is primarily used when tension is required on a line without the need to provide strong cinching.  It is a most useful knot on tent lines as it does not need to be untied to adjust line tension.  Just grasp and slide towards or away from the tend and you're good to go.