Welcome to the Necessity of Wilderness section of the Archways Seminar (IDS 1010)!  

Please take some time to look around (see the menu/weblinks on the left panel of this screen) and learn about this unique opportunity to canoe the backcountry of northern Minnesota.

The goal of the Archway Seminar is to expose students to new ideas and experiences.  Necessity of Wilderness will explore the origins of the wilderness movement; its history, legal authority, and current status.  Put differently, why do humans "need" wilderness and what has been, and is currently being, done to meet that need?  By spending 6 days in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, students will gain an insight as to why the organizers of the Wilderness Movement so valued wild spaces that they lobbied to have them permanently set aside from future development.

If you have any questions or concerns about the trip please feel free to email Dr. Bricker.  He'll gladly try to answer all of your questions.  The trip is designed for all students no matter their camping experience (or lack thereof).  You will have an amazing experience, just take the next step and fill out an application!

Check out the YouTube video of the 2015 NWU Boundary Waters trip!